NBA Alcohol Abuse Again

by: Mike Miller

It seems like you can’t swing a stick anymore without hitting a Hollywood celebrity or sports star who is getting busted for an alcohol offense. The most recent culprit – Dallas Mavericks guard DeShawn Stevenson.

All of the Mavericks have had a great reason to celebrate as they just knocked off the vaunted Miami Heat in game 6 to win the NBA Championship.  Stevenson partied just a little bit too hard. 

Where am I?

He was arrested Tuesday nights after police received numerous reports of an intoxicated person walking through their apartment complex. The 30-year-old Stevenson was so drunk he had no idea where he was when police arrested him in suburban Dallas.

He was released from jail Wednesday morning after posting bail. Stevenson will be a free agent this summer.

A 10-year veteran, Stevenson played a key role for the Mavericks as they won their first NBA title against Miami. He started every playoff game until the final three of the finals. Coming off the bench, he provided tenacious defense and outside scoring as Dallas won each of those games.

“Colorful Person” – All Over!

In the clinching Game 6, Stevenson made three 3-pointers during a pivotal stretch in the first half. He also was in the middle of a skirmish that resulted in three technical fouls, one on him and two against the Heat.

Stevenson is a colorful character, perhaps best known for tattoos covering nearly his entire body, including his face and neck. He’s also often made provocative comments about LeBron James, such as saying he “checked out” late in Game 4.

Folks, there is no good reason to drink that much. Only bad outcomes can happen when you do. Just ask DeShawn Stevenson – if you can find him.