Police Officers need Florida Alcohol Classes Too

by: Mike Miller

Is the chief of police supposed to lead by example? I certainly think so. Lately I have been reading about a rash of incidents involving police chiefs drinking and driving.

If driving under the influence violations were taken seriously by all professions I would bet fewer people would drink and drive. The Orlando Sentinal reports that in Boca Raton, Florida Police Chief Jeff Tyson was fired less than 24 hours after his on charges of drunken driving and hit-and-run.

In the termination letter, Town Manager Michael Bornstein said Tyson violated at least five departmental rules, with behavior unbecoming of a town employee either on or off duty, which would bring discredit or interfere with the town service.

Making matters worse, the 51-year-old Tyson was driving an unmarked police car when he crashed into the unmarked car of a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office deputy, who stopped in front of him at the traffic light.

Tyson drove off but eventually stopped after the deputy followed with his emergency lights on. Breath tests showed Tyson's blood alcohol level at nearly three times the legal amount to drive.

The move ends Tyson's brief stint — less than two years — as the department’s top cop.

A police officer convicted of DUI is required by the state to undergo substance-abuse counseling and Florida alcohol awareness class, and can barred from working in law enforcement for up to a year. If you knew you would be fired would that deter you from drinking and driving? Of course this is a totally egregious act with him being totally bolloxed.

I would hope with some counseling and an alcohol class he can return to being a positive force in society.