Another Child Star Amanda Bynes Needs Alcohol Class

by: Mike Miller

The stories of young, Hollywood stars partying abound. It seems almost rare for a young celebrity not to be busted for drugs or alcohol. Tim Tebow aside, name one Hollywood celebrity or professional athlete who has not been busted for drugs or alcohol!

Of course the majority of the above-referenced groups are clean and sober, however, there are many young stars that get busted for drugs or alcohol. You can now add the name Amanda Bynes to this listed of busted celebs according to

How Drunk Was She or Is She Innocent?

Known for her “good girl” image, Bynes surprised fans when she was busted for DUI after sideswiping a cop car while attempting to pass it. Not only was she busted and spent the night in the drunk tank, but she was caught by the paparazzi as well.

There is video evidence of Bynes stumbling out of a Los Angeles, California nightclub, despite claims from her father that she scored a zero on the breathalyzer test and that his daughter does not drink, the video seems to prove him very wrong indeed as she is escorted out of Greystone Manor in West Hollywood by two of her friends. Fortunately she chose to get a taxi back home rather than drive this time.

Recently the paparazzi photographed her driving and texting at the same time and there is also a video showing her eyes are very much glued to the screen of her white iPhone rather than the road.

Those close to the young star are not surprised, but still are saddened by her continued partying.

Amanda is a real talent. She has a bright future ahead of her but needs to get sober and stay that way. I would like to see her father step in and admit his daughter’s issues and help her enroll in an alcohol class and a drug class. To keep her more private he could enroll her in an online 12 hour alcohol class too.