DUI Offender With 8 Arrests Needs Montana Alcohol Awareness Class

by: Mike Miller

We all know drinking and driving is a real problem in society. Statistics show that for every time a drunken driver is arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) they probably had driven while intoxicated over 300 times. Just how do those numbers for out for a serial DUI offender?

Ponder that and then ask yourself how many DUIs someone should be allowed before their driving privileges permanently revoked.

A Montana serial DUI offender will not be molesting other drivers with his drunken behavior for at least a decade after being convicted and sentenced for his 8th DUI offense. This reported in the leaderadvertiser.com.

Bradley Noble, 48, was sent back to jail for 10 years after getting pulled over an eighth time for driving intoxicated. Noble was pulled over after his erratic driving caught the attention of police officers.

Noble had gone almost a decade between DUI infractions. He recived his seventh DUI in January of 2002 and was sentenced to 20 years in jail with five suspended. He had two other cases at the time and was given suspended sentences for those.

Despite 10 years since his previous arrest, Noble had been caught driving a motor vehicle on at least four occasions since Sept. 27, 2006 and has been caught in possession or under the influence of alcohol on at least two occasions and caught frequenting a bar on at least two occasions. These are all violations of his parole!

This is a sad story of an individual suffering from serious alcoholism. I would hope the state of Montana permanently revokes his license so he will not take his life, and the lives others, into his hands, behind the wheel of a car.

Perhaps a Montana MIP class in his tens might have prevented this behavior. Yet another story of alcohol ruining someone’s life.