Police Chiefs Need Illinois Alcohol Class

by: Mike Miller

Do you agree with the theory that police officers should lead by example? How about their bosses, the police chiefs? I would think that at least when it comes to drinking and driving the answer to those questions should be yes!

According to the Chicago Tribune, the police chief in Grayslake, Illinois was charged with drunk driving after he and his wife were involved in a crash while returning from dinner.

The 46-year-old Matt McCutcheon was swaying and almost lost his balance as he pulled out his wallet and showed his police badge.

McCutcheon was drunk enough that officers clearly smelled alcohol on his breath. It didn’t help that his eyes were bloodshot and glassy. Combine that with slurred speech and you have a police chief that should lose his job!

Then of course he lied about how much he had to drink when claimed he’d only had a few beers with dinner.

And to add insult to injury, he was packing heat. Not only did he have a weapon, but it was loaded with a round in the chamber.

After refusing a breathalyzer he was taken to the local hospital for a blood sample where he admitted to three vodka martinis as well.

McCutcheon has been on the force since 1991. He may well be kissing away his 130,000 salary.

What a dummy. Why would he drink and drive knowing how much he had to lose. Perhaps an Illinois alcohol class and some serious counseling will help him get sober and stay that way.