Massachusetts Minor in Possession Classes Could Save the Prom

by: Mike Miller

Did you ever go to the prom? Are you a high-schooler looking forward to it? If you go to Exeter High (EHS) in Massachusetts there will be no prom for you to enjoy.

Why, you ask? Due to four drug-related and three alcohol-related incidents at the last school dance, the principal decided to cancel all dances for the rest of the year, including prom. This according to

Photo Taken by Ken Stokes

Does this make sense? Of course it doesn’t. By canceling school dances, EHS administration is punishing the entire student body, not just the guilty students. School dances are a rite of passage and shouldn't be taken away from students who follow the rules.

While I admit there are problems with drugs and alcohol in high schools, canceling school dances are not even close to the solution. Teens will just find another place to drink or abuse drugs.

If students show up to any school function and are found to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, administration and local police should work together to remove these students and punish them accordingly.


Parenting is part of the solution to this problem. It's important for parents to speak to their children, before they even reach teen years, about alcohol and substance abuse. However, it's even more important for them to listen.

We have worked hard to educate teens on the dangers of drugs and alcohol use. There is no doubt that message has been heard. But it is not being followed. The question is why?

If you or someone you care about has a problem with drugs or alcohol please seek help. If you prefer to maintain total anonymity there are online Massachusetts Minor in Possession Classes and online drug classes too.