NFL Player Aaron Berry May Need Pennsylvania Alcohol Class

by: Mike Miller

The Detroit Lions have long been the doormat of the National Football League. It does not help their great fans that both the city and its players seem to be mired in crime. The Lions have had numerous off-field incidents this offseason and do not appear to be headed in the right direction yet.

It's the same old song and dance, but this time a different Lions player, Aaron Berry, is the subject of yet another offseason arrest. This as reported in yahoo sports.

The Lions cornerback was arrested over the weekend for suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) in Pennsylvania. Berry hit cars in the early morning hours in his hometown of Harrisburg, Penn., refusing a breathalyzer test before being taken into custody.

It's. Getting. Old. Other recent arrests for the Lions this offseason include former first-round draft pick from the NCAA champion Alabama Crimson Tide Nick Fairley.

Mike Leshoure and Johnny Culbreath were arrested on a charge involving marijuana.

Leshoure was suspended for two games. Fairley should probably get closer to three or four.

Do these guys need babysitters?  Do they need to have their hands held at every waking moment?  Does someone need to make their decisions for them? Would mandatory Pennsylvania alcohol classes and drug classes make a difference?

The young Lions' behavior is comical. Each player arrested or charged with drug possession is in their early 20s. Detroit needs to address this problem, and quickly, before more headlines break. I seriously recommend mandatory alcohol and drug classes.

Detroit made its first playoff appearance since 1999 last fall. The Lions are considered a team to contend with in the rough-and-tough NFC-North. It remains to be seen how they'll perform on the field, but a select few have tarnished what others have worked for by misbehaving, defying the law at every turn and failing to act accordingly with team policies and regulations.

What do you think?