Celebrities Amanda Bynes and Danny Veltri Need Alcohol Classes

by: Mike Miller

The list of celebrities that have drinking problems may be larger than the list that doesn’t.  For more than 100 years celebrities have been seen drinking and smoking and living the life.  In other words, they have been models of poor behavior.

Here are a couple of celebrities whose drinking landed them in hot water.  This is the first in a series of blogs on celebrity drinking problems.

Amanda Bynes – It pains me to see such a young talent like Amanda give in to the party lifestyle.  Anyone who ever watched her on The Amanda Show knows she is very talented.  Unfortunately, lately her only talent is for getting drunk and doing stupid things.  Photos of a drunken Bynes, 26, stumbling out of nightclubs were surpassed back in April when she was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Danny Veltri – Are you a fan of cooking shows?  I am and was a fan of the 26-year-old Hell’s Kitchen star.  He too was arrested for DUI after Florida police found him slumped in his car in a gas station.

Two more marginal celebrities that have modeled poor behavior and show they have problems with alcohol.  I hope they get good alcohol classes and become productive members of society again.