Attorney Definitely Needs California DUI Class

by: Mike Miller

Some attorneys feel like they are the law. They act like bullies thinking they can get away with just about anything. Some even think they can drink and drive without fear of reprisal.

The following attorney is so bold as to offer a bribe to a police officer to keep himself from a driving under the influence (DUI) violation.

Richard Chae, an attorney in Palo Alto, California already had two DUI convictions on his record. Last month he was found guilty of bribery for trying to get out of a drunken-driving arrest by bribing police. This as reported in

The 39-year-old attorney was driving his Lexus about 2:40 a.m. when he was pulled over. Of course the hours of midnight to 5AM are the witching hour and police are on high alert for DUI offenders.

The Bribe

How much would you pay to make a DUI go away?

The officers suspected Chae was drunk and then offered them the $900 he said he had in his pocket if "this could all go away." The officers declined, so Chae upped the ante, offering $5,000 and then $35,000.

It didn't work. Police arrested him on suspicion of bribery and drunken driving. When they searched him, officers found $1,055 in cash and $135 in chips from the Lucky Chances casino.

Tests showed that his blood-alcohol level was 0.13 percent.

Very stupid behavior from a very intelligent man. Chae attended MIT and Boston University School of Law. Alcohol sure makes people do stupid things. I hope he takes a competent California DUI class and seeks counseling to make an effort at sobriety.