Alcohol Awareness at the Movies?

by: Mike Miller

Remember the good old days when you could go to the movies, get a tub of popcorn and have a nice cold beer while watching a movie?  You don’t - neither do I.  And while beer at a ballgame seems OK, at a movie theater it just seems strange – and completely unnecessary.

What Are They Thinking?

In the state of Wisconsin this could change. Placed, or hidden, deep within the “budget, repair bill” was an item that would legalize the sale of beer and wine in movie theaters. Do legislators really think enough alcohol will be sold to “repair” their budget?  Or were they trying to sneak a line item into a much larger bill?

Keep the Safe Haven

Either way, they are getting much more than they bargained for.  Some citizens are up in arms.  The director of a local substance abuse resource center claims that movie theaters are the last safe haven for recovering alcoholics. 

As a member of this group of recovering alcoholics I remember watching many movies, chewing on hundreds of straws during the early months of sobriety.  But even during all my periods of drinking I did not feel the need to keep drinking once in the theater. I will admit to having drank before going to the cinema, but no need once I was inside.

In addition to being a safe haven for recovering alcoholics, cinemas place small children in close proximity to adult drinkers.  It could be argued that it is the same at ballparks around the country, but I disagree.  Ballparks are outdoors and much larger, wide, open spaces.  It’s just one opinion, but I would like to see them keep booze out of movie theaters!