Drunken Student Needs Oklahoma Minor in Possession Class

by: Mike Miller

Do you ever remember going to class drunk? I did it a few times in college, although I mostly skipped class when I was buzzed. I certainly never went to high school classes in a drunken state.

This year, unlike any in the past, I have read a number of stories of students having been inebriated in the first 2 weeks of school. I wonder what is happening.

A high school junior in Enid, Oklahoma was examined by a local hospital after coming to school under the influence of alcohol.

Amber Fitzgerald, school and community relations director for Enid Public Schools, said an Enid High School teacher became concerned about the student’s behavior during first-hour class and reported to administrators the student might be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The principals and campus police began to look for the student and found him in the restroom. Because of his condition, campus police called Life EMS and he was transported to a local hospital.

Campus police had concluded alcohol was involved in the incident. Campus police continue to investigate the situation. As with most schools the board policy prohibits the use or possession of drugs or alcohol on campus and it can result in suspension of up to two semesters.

It’s nice to see school administrators being prompt in making disciplinary decisions when it’s certain alcohol or drugs are involved. Why anyone would want to be in a drunken state in high school is beyond me. She certainly could use an Oklahoma MIP Class.