Aussie Rock Star Needed Alcohol Awareness Class

by: Mike Miller

When one thinks of legendary Australian rock star Jimmy Barnes, alcohol and music come to mind. He is the working class man who put his hard-rocking ways behind him in favor of sobriety.

Soit's something of a surprise to see the Aussie rocker as the new face of a $4 million alcohol campaign.

2 Bottles of Vodka A Day!

Barnes, famed for downing two bottles of vodka daily at the height of his alcoholism, was last week named as the frontman of a new Wild Turkey bourbon campaign.

In the commercial - Barnes is seen at a bar clutching a bottle of the pre-mixed spirit. Does that mean he has given up his sober ways? It would appear so.

It was in 2002 that Barnes admitted himself to a US rehabilitation facility to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. In an interview that year, he likened his addictions to a form of "suicide".

In his own words, Barnes admits that alcoholism ravaged his life.

"For 35 years or something I was sort of seriously out of control (with) drinking ... Unfortunately with most addictions, and most alcoholics, it's sort of those gaps (between drinks) which tended to get smaller and smaller and smaller until it became just a big wash and I was sort of trashed the whole time," he said.

Barnes said that during his 30-year career he performed only three shows not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. My hope is that Barnes stays on the wagon. It is hard for a tiger to change his stripes. Let’s continue to hope and pray for the best for the ever-so-talented musician and alcoholic.