New Alcohol Awareness Resource Section

by: Mike Miller

We recoginize that some people visit our website to purchase an alcohol drug class or a minor in possession class. Still others come to read our blog (which is growing in popularity every day) to read about.

But we've found some people want to visit the website to find our more about drinking, alcoholism, dui, and other subjects. Thus we've created our new resource section of the website which we'll be populating with information from course courses and other subjects. 

The first entry we created is about the process of Absorbtion, Tranportation and Change. It's a little technical, but is good to help people understand how alcohol works in their body.

We hope that you find our new pages to be both informative and interesting. If there are any topics that you feel you would like to see  on our website or if you see information that might need some correction or expantion, please contact us.