Does Lindsay Lohan Need More Alcohol Awareness Courses?

by: Mike Miller

Is it possible that Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan is again battling addiction issues after another relapse? I would have hoped that after her previous trials and tribulations Lohan would have stayed away from all drugs.

As with many addicts, Lohan has turned her addictive behavior in another direction – prescription medications. As reported in

Yes, it is true that Lohan has suffered another relapse on her road to sobriety. The star of such “great” films as “Freaky Friday”, “Mean Girls” and “Herbie Fully Reloaded” will check herself into another in-patient facility this week.

This is Lohan’s sixth stint in rehab and like the others, it was mandated by the courts. The treatment for this visit to rehab will be alcohol addiction as well as an addiction to prescription medication. She chose rehab over more jail time.

Acquaintances of the 26-year-old star admit Lohan consumes large amounts of vodka along with medications like Adderall and Xanax. I do not think this is going to end well for her. Her friends continue to state that Lohan is only doing this because she has been court-ordered and does not believe she has addiction issues.

How can she possibly still be in denial? I refuse to believe she does not see she has serious addiction problems. The only way Lohan is going to survive as a mature adult is if she comes clean with herself – mind body and spirit.