Can and Alcohol Drug Class Keep You on the Straight and Narrow?

by: Mike Miller

Just how far can you go? I assure you that if you do not take drugs, you cannot imagine how far you can fall, and what things you might resort to.

The “poster child” for what drug abuse can do to a person just may be Drew Gissel. For his efforts Gissel will be spending the next three years behind bars. As reported in

The 24-year-old also was sentenced to another five years on extended supervision for burglarizing a man’s car. In that case, a man was cleaning out his car and went back inside his abode for a moment when Gissel struck.

When the man emerged and spotted Gissel in the back seat stealing items, he confronted him. Gissel punched the man in the face before fleeing into a nearby apartment building.

Although this is a burglary case, it really is a drug case as well. This is the poster child of the devastation drugs pose to the community. Of course, Gissel was stealing to feed his addiction!

He also was ordered to pay $400 in restitution and is not allowed to possess or consume any alcohol or drugs.

Gissel appears to be sorry for his actions. Hopefully, while in jail, he will take a good alcohol drug class and begin a new sober life.