Does Goth Singer Peter Murphy Need a DUI Class?

by: Mike Miller

I have written many times that you can receive a driving under the influence violation even if you blow under the legal limit of .08%. That is exactly what happened to Peter Murphy.

Murphy, the lead singer of Goth trailblazers Bauhaus, was arrested in March for his involvement in a hit-and-run accident in Southern California. The 55-year-old Murphy was driving a Subaru Forester when he reportedly rear-ended a Mercedes shortly before midnight, then fled the scene. A pickup truck driver on the freeway then noticed the singer's erratic driving and followed him off the freeway and into Los Angeles, where he boxed in Murphy's car with his own vehicle and called for police. He was arrested at the scene and charged with DUI, hit and run and drug possession charges. As reported in

Murphy did not blow over .08 but still was arrested for DUI. The amount of alcohol found in Murphy's bloodstream was measured at 0.01 percent, a full 0.07 percent beneath the legal limit. Murphy blamed jet-lag and antidepressants for his erratic driving. What about his fleeing the scene of an accident?

Oh yeah and police found a small bag of crystal meth in his car. Murphy tried to ditch the bag in the back seat of a cruiser before they could find it.

It appears that at the very least Murphy could benefit from a drug or DUI class. He also should probably seek additional therapy for his depression and drug use.