Do Celebrities Kiowa Gordon and Samantha Ronson Need an Alcohol Class?

by: Mike Miller

Alcohol is prevalent in our society. Nobody will deny that claim. Overall, I would bet that celebrities have more reported incidents with alcohol and the law than the average citizen. What do you think. This is the third in a series of blogs dealing with alcohol-related incidents by celebrities and their problems with alcohol.

Kiowa Gordon
– Once again I have to admit I had no idea who this kid was. He looks like Wilmer Valderama from That 70s Show. He also looks too young to drink and maybe even too young to drive. He was actually part of the mega-hit series Twilight. Yet Kiowa did receive an arrest for DUI in Arizona.

Samantha Ronson – In another case of being celebrity based on who she hands out with is Ronson. You remember her best as Lindsay Lohan’s lesbian girlfriend. Much like her lesbian pal Lohan, Ronson seems to have issues with alcohol. Ronson was pulled over and arrested for DUI driving back to LA from Vegas. I like the look on her face in this mug shot.

Two more pseudo-celebrities modeling poor behavior. I hope with drug classes and counseling they can find their way back to sobriety.