Celebrities Charles Barkley and Jeffrey Donovan May Need 8 Hour Alcohol Classes

by: Mike Miller

As a counselor for both in-class and online alcohol classes this started with a dare from one of my students. It was to create a month’s worth of blogs on celebrities getting into trouble for alcohol-related incidents. We now find ourselves reading the 12th installment of celebrities whose drinking got them into trouble.

Charles Barkley – best known as “The Round Mound of Rebound” the Hall of Fame NBA star has had a number of alcohol-related incidents. Most notably was his 2008 arrest for Dui in Scottsdale, Arizona. He long touted that athletes should not be role models and certainly chose to comport himself in a manner not suited for children to witness. From the State of Alabama he has also shown an interest in politics and threatened on more than one occasion that he might be the nice governor of Alabama. Would you want him running your state? I would take Arnold Schwarzenegger any day.

Jeffrey Donovan – How drunk was the star of Burn Notice? How about he came inches from running a red light and rear-ending the police car sitting there. He claims he only had three drinks, but his erratic driving and high BAC 0.15 would indicate otherwise.

Barkley has made a number of attempts to get sober and I think as he ages and continues to mature he will succeed. Both should stay in 8 hour alcohol classes and counseling.