Alcohol Classes and iPhones Team Up

by: Mike Miller

It seems like there is an app for just about everything. You can now add iPhone DUI and DWI Apps for Measuring Blood Alcohol Intoxication Levels to the list.

Of course it is always best to have a designated driver or arrange for alternative transportation if you plan on going out and having a few drinks. Few people do, but it always is recommended. As reported in

There are always those who do not heed such warnings, and simply choose to rely on all kinds of devices to measure their own BAC or blood alcohol concentration.

A number of software apps have been developed for drivers throughout the country with smartphones. Since many states have tightened up their DWI and DUI penalties and laws, companies have created applications that allow users to track their own blood alcohol content levels. The goal of these apps is to get drivers to think twice before getting behind the wheel after having consumed alcohol.

Alcohol impairs judgment. Many individuals insist they are still able to drive, even if they are obviously intoxicated. In such situations, friends often need to present proof that the individual is unfit to drive.

In the next installment we look at a few of these apps and see how they work. Of course there is no app for good judgment. God has given us the power of choice. We need to make the smart choice and choose not to drink and drive.