Philly Politician Headed to Alcohol Class

by: Mike Miller

Have you ever heard of a politician who drove a Vehicle after consuming too much alcohol? Odds are that if you watch television or read you have heard countless stories of local politicians and national politicians busted for driving under the influence. In some cases, like Ted Kennedy, someone dies as a result of DUI behavior.

Pennsylvania State Rep. Cherelle L. Parker, leader of the city's House delegation in Harrisburg, is one of the latest politicians to get busted for DUI. Not only that, but in her 2011 incident her blood-alcohol level tested at twice Pennsylvania's legal threshold of intoxication. As reported in

Despite police reports about the smell of alcohol on her person, as well as a failed Breathalyzer test, the uppity congresswoman is vowing to appeal in Superior Court. The appeal is best on the inaccuracy of the Breathalyzer. Do you think she is going to get off?

The 40-year-old Parker, a Democrat elected head of the city's House delegation by her Philadelphia colleagues, did not appear shaken or surprised by the judge’s ruling.

She was arrested after police witnessed her driving the wrong way on a main street.

The officers described her as having alcohol on her breath and glassy, bloodshot eyes. She had trouble getting out of her state-owned Jeep Cherokee and had no license, registration, or insurance card.

A subsequent Breathalyzer test at Police Headquarters measured her blood-alcohol level at 0.16 percent. Not likely the test was that far off, right?

This is a bad example for her constituents. She should stand up for her actions. She should offer to voluntarily take a 24-hour level 3 online alcohol class and seek treatment for both her drinking and her aberrant behavior.