Celebrities Need Driving Under the Influence Educational Classes

by: Mike Miller

As the educational director for in-class and web based alcohol, drug and DUI classes, I am hyper-aware of stories involving drunk driving behavior. This holds true for athletes and other celebrities that are involved in DUI-related incidents.

How often do you see celebrities involved in DUI behavior? The following vignettes are from one day’s news!

Trumaine Johnson

St. Louis Rams cornerback Trumaine Johnson was arrested for DUI in Montana shortly after 2 a.m. when police noticed him driving without his headlights illuminated.

To his credit, unlike many celebrities and athletes, Johnson was cooperative throughout the incident. Knowing he may have been intoxicated, Johnson refused a Breathalyzer test. but was deemed intoxicated based on the totality of circumstances in the investigation.

This isn't the first run-in with the law for Johnson. While at Montana, he was arrested and tasered by police in October 2011. It would appear that Johnson needs counseling and I recommend a 30 hour online based alcohol awareness class.

Farrah Abraham

Can a person from the reality show “Teen Mom” really be considered a celebrity? Unfortunately there are thousands of teen girls out there watching this abomination of a show. Not only do these girls make the poor decision to engage in unprotected sex, but also get cited regularly for abominable behavior. One such “star is Farrah Abraham.

The 21-year-old Abraham was arrested for DUI in Nebraska. Her excuse is absolutely pathetic. She was to be the responsible one, the designated driver, making sure she and her sister got home safely from a St. Patrick’s Day party. When her sister decided to stay longer, Abraham continued to “sip on drinks” until her sister was ready. Is she really blaming her sister?

It didn’t help matters that she became belligerent with police when confronted. Farrah was administered a breathalyzer test by the police, which revealed a blood alcohol level of .147. Does that look like the BAC if a designated driver?

Like Johnson, Abraham needs a complete alcohol and DUI program as well as counseling for anger management.