Binge Drinking Proves Need for Alcohol Classes

by: Mike Miller

This is the fourth in a series of blogs addressing the problem of binge drinking on America’s college campuses. In our last entry we asked you to get ready for a deep perspective on alcohol’s role in college life. We asked you to think about if not only binge drinking should be outlawed on campus but all alcohol as well!

Time to put on your thinking caps. Did you think of any good reasons to ban alcohol on college campuses?

I for one, will never know what getting through college completely sober is like. My alcohol use progressed with each year on campus and by my last semester I was getting drunk three or more times per week.

For many drinking alcohol is as regular a part of campus life as going to class, studying in the library or rooting for the football team. It is an expectation students have when they arrive. The entire student mindset is they are going to be drinking a lot, and not surprisingly, they do.

How do we get this mindset out of incoming freshmen? It would be eliminated if all campuses were dry. Do you think this would improve the college experience? It wouldn’t ruin it, that is for sure.