Are You a Serial DUI Offender? DUI School Can Help

by: Mike Miller

How can you tell if you are a serial DUI offender? Anything with the world “serial” in it sounds foreboding. We typically associate that word with the word “killer.” A serial DUI offender is also a killer!

Let me not be the first to say that people who are serial DUI offenders, regardless of if they ever have gotten caught, all know they are serial DUI offenders. People who drink and drive know they do.

So how would you know if the car next to you is being driven by a serial DUI offender? While it is impossible to know for certain, there are definite things you can look for.

One place to look is near the door handle. Do you see a lot of scratches in the paint? If so, that is a strong sign that someone who has been drinking has been trying unsuccessfully to unlock their car door. Of course with keyless fobs nowadays it is less common.

A better sign perhaps, would be dents in the car. If you see small dents in the front and/or rear bumpers and other dings – another indicator of a possible serial DUI offender.

If you see a car like this on the road, you might want to back off a little bit.