President Obama’s Uncle Needs Alcohol Awareness Class

by: Mike Miller

President Barack Obama has been known to tip back a cold one now and again. It is a good thing he is a moderate drinker because problems with alcohol run in his family!

Last week the President’s uncle, Onyango Obama, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI). The incident occurred when police stopped Obama after he rolled through a stop sign and nearly caused an accident.

“Uncle” Obama, originally born in Kenya, is the half-brother of the President’s late-father. He is currently being held without bail on a detainer from the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

According to the ICE, he has previously been issued a deportation or removal order. The Obama Administration has yet to comment on the incident.

According to police reports, when the 67-year-old Obama was stopped and asked if he wanted to make a phone call or arrange for bail, he responded with, “I think I will call the White House.”

Alcoholism Runs in the Obama Family

In his autobiography “Dreams of my Father” President Obama paints a portrait of his father as a philandering drunk who killed a woman in a DWI accident in Kenya. He later died after driving his car into a tree in Kenya in 1982. He supposedly was drunk at the time.

It is good that our President is a moderate drinker at best.