Zac Efron Taking Alcohol Abuse Seriously

by: Mike Miller

Zac Efron is the latest Disney star to come out that he has spent time in rehab for alcohol abuse.

Even though Efron's life seems pretty glamorous, it hasn't been entirely easy. Behind that pretty smile, the actor has had a stint in rehab and had his jaw wired shut from a fall in his home. He has grown up in the spotlight starring in Disney's "High School Musical" movie series. As reported in

The 26-year-old actor admits he was drinking way too much. Now, almost a year out of rehab he is still sober. He has sold his glamorous home in the Hollywood Hills and moved in with his brother in the Los Feliz area where he can live a little more privately.

He is seriously committed to his sobriety. He recently joined Alcoholics Anonymous and has been seeing a therapist. He admits his battles with addiction are a never-ending battle.

Many of his former friends have turned on him since he became sober, and wisely, Efron knows that he is in a much better place now.

While Zac is still working through his personal life, his career seems to be doing better than ever with his upcoming flick "Neighbors," which also stars Seth Rogen and opened on May 9th.

It is nice to see him committed to maintaining his health and abstaining from drugs and alcohol. He is a good model for all those who have addiction. They can see that through hard work and commitment addiction can be conquered, but it is truly a never-ending battle.