Do 10% of All Americans Die From Alcohol Abuse?

by: Mike Miller

As horrific as that headline reads, it begs to be asked – is it true?

In a study by the Centers for Disease Control, alcohol abuse causes one in ten deaths of working class adults in the United States. That makes it the fourth leading cause of preventable death. As reported in

Does that figure shock you? Even though I am the educational director for, that figure seems absurdly high.

Do you think that number might justify legalizing marijuana?

Many will argue that there is growing evidence that medical marijuana is valuable for treatment of many illnesses and injuries. There are those that will try and make you believe that there is no evidence that recreational marijuana is harmful.

Keep in mind that the American medical Association (AMA), the definitive body of medical expertise in this country, has yet to conclude there is even one ailment that benefits from smoking marijuana.

According to the CDC), excessive drinking accounted for 1 in 10 deaths among working-age adults in the United States. AAD rates vary across states, but excessive drinking remains a leading cause of premature mortality nationwide.

The CDC estimated excessive drinking cost the US $223 billion in 2006 alone or $766 for every person in America, including children. Perhaps because it is only roughly half of what the alcohol industry makes each year it is ignored.

While many still will try and prove that marijuana is a safer alternative, why not just be sober? When did being sober become so horrible? I am hopeful that through good classes like those at and we will encourage more people to lead a sober lifestyle.