DUI Program in Store for Driver with Seven Kids

by: Mike Miller

Think about one of the worst parents you know. Then compare that parent to these folks?

A woman from Jonesboro, Arkansas is in jail on charges that she drove a van with seven children while intoxicated and in possession of marijuana. As reported in www.henryherald.com.

Krystal Tierra Griffis, 30, has been charged with DUI, seven counts of child endangerment by DUI, three counts of seat belt and four counts of child safety restraint violations, misdemeanor possession of marijuana and giving a false name and date of birth to police.

A real winner, right?

What time of day do you think this happened? How about 2:40 a.m – with 7 kids in the vehicle.

On a similar note A man from McDonough, Arkansas man is being held on $750 bond in Henry County Jail for simple battery after police said he threw beer in a woman’s face Memorial Day.

Steven Anthony Crawley, 36, threw the beer at his former girlfriend.

Is this not simply deplorable behavior? Do you think if these two had taken alcohol awareness classes in their past they might not have out themselves in these types of situation?

These are right out of Jerry Springer. I hope both are forced to take alcohol and drug classes as part of court-ordered punishment.