Yet Another Teacher Shows Up Drunk in Class – Needs Alcohol Class

by: Mike Miller

Don’t go to work intoxicated! Good advice, right?

An English language teacher entered class at a public girls secondary school in Abu Dhabi at the start of a normal work day.

Instead of giving the lesson, she swayed and started to hug the students, who quickly realized she was drunk when they saw the beverage bottle in her hand.

The school immediately fired the teacher but what she had done became a subject of fun among the class mates, who filmed her weird moves and circulated the film through BlackBerry phones, prompting a deluge of queries by parents seeking to know what measures the school had taken against that teacher.

Normally a teacher may be given the benefit of the doubt. But this teacher was especially stupid. What hastened the school’s action against the teacher was that when she came for questioning on the next day, she was again drunk.

The school then realized the teacher is alcoholic and her services had to be terminated at once.

The teacher entered the 12th preparatory class with a beverage bottle in her hand.

She was swaying as she walked in…she then started to hug the students, laughing and doing weird moves…the girls then led her to the teacher’s meeting room and informed the management.

The headmistress said she was at a meeting at the time of the incident but that the secretary and the social expert met the teacher and confirmed she was drunk as she smelt alcohol….she was not normal so they let her go home.

The teacher was summoned for a meeting on the next day with the headmistress and the school partners…when she came, she still smelled alcohol…she said she had to drink to dilute strong bitter medicine she had taken but the headmistress and the partners were then sure this teacher was an alcoholic.

Perhaps a good online alcohol class would help get her back on the straight and narrow.