Does Mitt Romney Need An Alcohol Awareness Class?

by: Mike Miller

I have long written that celebrities are not role models. Despite the fact that Americans really adore their celebrities, from rock stars and movie stars to athletes and politicians, invariably these groups do not hold up to a good, moral standard. More often than not they are busted for drugs, alcohol, shoplifting, domestic violence or you name it.

Does Mitt Romney Have Drug & Alcohol Problems?

Anyone who follows the man leading the current race for the Republican Presidential nomination to compete against Barack Obama in 2012 knows he does not. As a practicing Mormon, Romney will not be sitting down to beers with Detroit auto workers, or tipping back a cold one while watching the New England Patriots on a Sunday afternoon. He does not drink or do drugs.

But was that always the case? Really, what have you heard? The fact is even some Mormons are rebellious at one or more points in their lives. Some do fall victim to the virulent talons of drug and alcohol addiction. Mitt Romney is not one of those guys.

However, (drum roll please)… Romney admits to having tasted a beer and tried smoking a cigarette once “as a wayward teenager.” I am not endorsing any political candidate in any way shape or form. I am just happy to see one of our “celebrities” that is a sober person!