Sophisticated Alcoholics Need Online Alcohol Class

by: Mike Miller

Are you a normal person who maybe enjoys a few drinks after work or a few glasses of wine at home? After all, it's all part of unwinding, just a bit of harmless letting off of steam. You're in control though -- it's not as if you can't get up for work in the morning or forget to pay the mortgage.

However, even you handle day-to day functions you may be part of a new breed of “sophisticated alcoholic”. These people don't really see themselves as having a problem with alcohol -- they have a normal life and would be considered Mr and Mrs. Normal".

But they are drinking excessive amounts of alcohol -- well above the recommended limits. They drink in an organized and managed fashion. They're not the ones who crash the car because they were drunk but they do have an alcohol problem.

The Sophisticated Alcoholic also breaks free from the decades-old theory that alcoholism is a disease. Instead it maintains that it is a behavior, which has become a divisive issue for health professionals.

What do You Think? Disease or Behavior?

It's a behavior and it's a choice and both are caused by something that's going on emotionally. There's no question that some part of alcohol dependency does become a physical condition and the person may need medication to help them with their withdrawal symptoms while the body gets used to not consuming alcohol.

Calling it a disease is that it removes some of the shame for alcoholics. But he argues that, at the same time, it strips them of some of the responsibility they have in their own addiction.

Either way, putting back three or more drinks every day indicates a problem. If you consider yourself normal, and part of the middle class, and drink daily, you very well may be a sophisticated alcoholic. If this is the case I urge you to seek help ASAP. If you prefer to maintain total anonymity there are online alcohol classes too.