Will Roger Goodell Make 8 Hour Alcohol Awareness Classes Mandatory?

by: Mike Miller

Being commissioner of the National Football League cannot be easy. The job is certainly made more difficult by the off-field antics of its players.

This offseason the NFL has had 31 of their players. Of these 31 arrests, 12 have been for DUI’s. The DUI problem is not a new one in the NFL. As reported in www.opposingviews.com.

The worst incident in history may be from 1998 former St. Louis Rams defensive end Leonard Little struck and killed Susan Gutweiler in St. Louis while driving drunk. He was arrested again in 2004 for driving drunk. Despite getting arrested twice for DUI’s and killing an innocent woman in the process Little was suspended a grand total of eight games by the NFL, all in the 1999 season after the first, more devastating DUI. More recently, current New England Patriots wide receiver Donte’ Stallworth struck and killed Mario Reyes while driving drunk in Miami in March 2009. He was suspended for the entire 2009 season.

Are these penalties enough? It is surprising these players did not get more jail time for their actions as well. Don’t you agree?

I am calling for the NFL to tackle the problem of alcohol use and abuse by its players. Not only is the NFL responsible by the union (NFLPA) as well. There should be mandatory alcohol classes for all players every year. A simple 8-hour online alcohol class could be the difference between life and death. It certainly is not going to hurt.