Smoke-out Students Need Drug and Alcohol Awareness Classes

by: Mike Miller

The April 20th smoke-out at the University of Colorado is a magnet mostly for curious freshmen, tends to draw out-of-state students. For a University that is trying to rectify its image from a major party school to one of serious academic repute, allowing a ridiculous event like the smoke-out is asinine!

Is it a School Sponsored Event?

Half of those polled after the even said they were under the impression that the smoke-out is a "sponsored" CU even. As the university tries to snuff out future smoke-outs, school leaders conducted the survey to gauge students' perceptions about the gathering, as well as to better understand who attends and the disruptions the large-scale event causes.

It's the first time CU has conducted a survey of its student body following the smoke-out, which has attracted crowds numbering 10,000 in recent years.

Also, for the first time, student leaders say they want to help administrators end the event.

Almost one in four (24%) of CU students admitted to having smoked marijuana at the event.

About 11 percent joined the crowd but didn't consume pot. About half of students -- 48.4 percent -- had nothing to do with the smoke-out, and the remaining students watched it from a distance.

A Spade is a Spade!

The survey was sent out following this year's smoke-out, and 3,478 undergraduates responded. While some thought it was a political protest let’s cal a spade a spade – this is nothing more than an excuse to get high!

Nearly all students surveyed said they received the e-mail administrators sent trying to dissuade them from participating in 4/20, but still about 50 percent of respondents said it seemed like the smoke-out was a university-sponsored event.

Survey results showed that out-of-state students are more likely than their in-state peers to attend 4/20 and view it as a campus tradition and a "significant college experience." Hilliard said videos of 4/20 on Norlin Quad that have been put on YouTube are contributing to the lore surrounding the event.

The survey results show that students "age out" of 4/20 and that the crowd tends to draw first-year students in heavier numbers.

How about this – enough is enough! It may not be school-sponsored, but it is certainly tolerated. If CU truly wants to change its image, the smoke-out must be snuffed out!