Seven-time DUI Offender May Get back on Road

by: Mike Miller

Stephanie Foy has been caught driving while intoxicated seven times. Most likely, she has driven in a drunken state thousands of times. From my experience as a counselor for alcohol awareness classes, I have found many chronic alcoholics drink and drive every single day!

Most recently, Foy was arrested for the seventh time driving drunk. Ohio police state that Foy stumbled out of her truck after hitting the car, smelled of alcohol, and then refused a breath test. It was obvious that she had once again crossed the line, and now even though it hasn't been proven by the courts just yet, it looks like she will be charged with another DUI.

Will the courts finally get tough with Foy and revoke her license for life? How many DUI's should one person be able to get before they lose their license?

Cases like Foy enable offenders from caring about the consequences, when they see that someone can basically get away with driving under the influence time after time, and still have the chance to get their license back. It is quite obvious that this woman has some drinking problems, and maybe she needs to spend some time in a rehabilitation center learning about the consequences of drinking and driving.

Right now she certainly doesn't get it, and to continue doing something that puts other people at risk, I would also have to question her sanity. It's time somebody takes a stand, and the prosecutor's office needs to come down with some felony charges that won't allow Foy to get off with a slap on the wrist this time.