Parents Could Use An Alcohol Awareness Class

by: Mike Miller

I just heard a very disturbing story from one of my neighbors. They have, what most parents would believe, is the ideal 18-year-old son.  He gets good grades and got into a university where he will begin his freshman year next week.

This kid (“Martin”) does not drink, smoke or do drugs. He does not gamble or have promiscuous sex.  He does not get into trouble. 

His parents are nice people, smart people, both with good jobs. Both seem like rational people. What did they do? 

Well, both parents enjoy alcohol. At least one drinks daily. Martin has always been somewhat of a nerd, but is a great kid who just doesn’t want to drink. His parents have been pushing him to try a drink for some time.

To Martin’s credit, he refused all offers and goading – until recently. On vacation overseas they persuaded him to have a drink. 

Knowing what we do about addictive personalities and how genetically you can be pre-disposed to addictive tendencies, why would they ever try and coax their child to try an addictive substance like alcohol? This question becomes especially pertinent given that both parents are prone to addiction.

I know what you’re thinking – probably their thoughts as well – lighten up it is just one drink. Well, I can tell you one thing all alcoholics have in common – they all have had a first drink!

There you go.  I welcome your thoughts on the issue. Do I need to lighten up?