Alcohol Awareness Classes Can Help Stop Serial DUI!

by: Mike Miller

I am all about giving a person a second chance.  But when it comes to drinking and driving, how many chances should you get?  Statistics prove that for every time a person gets caught driving under the influence (DUI), they drink and drive hundreds of times!

How Many Times is the Charm?

A woman just received her 7th DUI in Ohio. That's right; one woman has received a 7th DUI. Get this she still may be able to drive again.

This seventh time she rammed her truck into the back of a stopped car. Luckily for her and the three innocent people in the car, the injuries do not appear to be life-threatening. Things could have turned out much worse.

How can someone so irresponsible be able to keep driving and putting people at risk after all of these years. This accident just shows that this woman doesn't deserve the right associated with having a license, and needs to finish out her days walking to and from her destinations.

Stephanie Foy is the woman who was just charged with her 7th DUI, and who already has six convictions on her record. So far, Foy has been fined, placed behind bars, and even had her license suspended in the past due to infractions.

None of that seems to have been enough, as she was driving drunk once again, this time injuring three innocent people that were waiting at a stop sign. A six-year-old boy hit his head in the car, the driver of the car received a concussion along with neck and back injuries, and the status of the passenger had not been released at the time of the accident.

How on Earth does someone get seven chances when it comes to drinking and driving? This is a textbook example of why DUI laws must be increased to keep people like Foy a pedestrian!