Serial Tennessee DUI Offender Needs to be a Pedestrian

by: Mike Miller

You want to talk about falling flat on your face. Combine falling on your face with bad luck and being extremely intoxicated. Do you think is a recipe that is going to end well?

A Tennessee man is a textbook example of a guy who needs to have his license permanently revoked according the Herald Citizen.

His name and story could have come right out of a Carl Hiaasen novel.

Marlin Glenn Wallace was arrested for his fourth DUI last week after swerving into oncoming traffic in front of an off-duty Baxter police officer. The incident occurred just before midnight.

The off-duty officer had to swerve into someone’s front yard to avoid a head-on collision. The officer then followed the vehicle into a parking lot and witnessed Wallace, step out of his truck and fall face-first.

It took two officers to haul the virtually dead-on-his-feet Wallace to the tailgate of his truck.  The officers could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from Wallace, who also had red, watery eyes and slurred and impaired speech, in addition to his inability to stand. After being checked out by EMS for a cut on his nose and forehead from his fall, Wallace was subjected to two field sobriety tests.

Not surprisingly he failed both.

Four DUIs is permanent revocation of driving privileges. He also should take a mandatory Tennessee DUI class and attend regular AA meetings.