Could an 8 Hour Alcohol Awareness Class Help Amanda Bynes?

by: Mike Miller

The list of Hollywood celebrities that get in trouble for addictive behavior could go on for pages. Lindsay Lohan may be the current poster child, but Amanda Bynes is the young Hollywood starlet getting into most of the trouble these days.

The 26-year-old has had at least three run-ins with the law of late, all involving her vehicle. Most recently, according to,  she was confronted by police after an alleged hit-and-run. This coming just a month following her DUI arrest after hitting a police cruiser.

The star of She’s The Man sideswiped yet another vehicle while driving around Los Angeles last week. Bynes’ black Range Rover allegedly sideswiped a pick-up truck and continued to drive off without stopping. The other driver followed Amanda’s car and quickly informed the police of the incident.

The damage was so minor that police decided not make any arrest and simply took a traffic report before sending her on her way. On a positive note, Bynes was cooperative and there was no indication she was under the influence.

The actress’s driving records have not been the best recently. On April 5th, an intoxicated Amanda was pulled over after scrapping a police cruiser in Hollywood. She was later released after posting $5,000 bail. Just days later, Bynes was seen texting and driving outside the Chateau Marmont — an illegal offense in the state of California.

She is one of the current Hollywood poster children for hard partying. I hope she gets to take a good 8 hour alcohol class and seek some professional counseling. I would hate to see Amanda life and career ruined by alcohol.