Does Matthew Fox Need an Oregon DUI Class?

by: Mike Miller

Matthew Fox — the man who saved the island on “Lost” has been arrested in Oregon for driving under the influence (DUI).

The 45-year-old Fox was arrested 3:23 a.m. in Bend, Ore., where he lives with his wife and two children. Why do people try drinking and driving? Obviously Fox had to know he was intoxicated when he and a companion went on a food run in the middle of the night after serious binge drinking, right?

This is not the actor’s first run-in with the law. Last year he had an altercation with a Cleveland bus driver, who claimed the actor punched her in the breast, groin, arm and legs after she refused to let him board a private party bus. No criminal charges were ever brought against Fox, but the driver, Heather Bormann, filed a civil suit seeking monetary damages. While that case has not commenced, Fox responded with a countersuit seeking a jury trial in the case.

On “Lost” Fox played Jack Shephard the lead character. He recently finished shooting two films, “Alex Cross” (the one he was working on last year in Ohio and that co-stars Tyler Perry) and Brad Pitt’s “World War Z.” He also stars opposite Tommy Lee Jones in the film “Emperor,” which will be shown at this month’s Cannes Film Festival.

Two run-ins is a bad sign for Mr. Fox. I think he should take an alcohol class and seek counseling for problematic behavior. This is as reported in the Washington Post.