Senator Crapo Needs a Washington DUI Class

by: Mike Miller

It is hard to say that a story involving Washington driving under the influence (DUI) is funny. Nevertheless I have to admit to cracking a smile about the story of the most recent US lawmaker arrested for bad behavior.

The reason for my smile is the name of the senator in question. Of course it is not his first name, Michael that made me smile, in fact it saddens me a little since, of course that is my first name. His last name still makes me smile – Crapo! As reported in

Michael Crapo is a three-term senator from Idaho. The uber-conservative politician even claims to be a teetotaler in following with the beliefs of his Mormon faith.

Now, the senator who has said he doesn't drink because of his Mormon faith has been charged with drunken driving.

Crapo has a reputation as a social and fiscal conservative. He registered a blood alcohol content of .11 percent after police pulled his car over in this suburb south of Washington, D.C. Hard to blame cough syrup for that!

The 61-year-old Crapo was very apologetic after the incident. I appreciate that he admitted his mistake, apologized for it and vows to face the punishment. I will follow Crapo’s story.