Social Drink Your Way to an Alcohol Class

by: Mike Miller

Take a moment to assess your own drinking behavior? How often do you drink socially? How much do you drink? This is the fourth in a series of blogs examining social drinking.

Let’s begin by all asking ourselves if we have a drinking problem? For myself, I will answer in the affirmative. I am a recovering alcoholic. As the director for both in-class and online alcohol classes I discuss social drinking habits with my students during each session. It is surprising how much alcohol people can drink and still be completely positive they do not have a drinking problem.

Cliff’s Story

Cliff is a former student who received his first DUI as a teenager and his second on his 65th birthday. It was this second infraction that netted Cliff an alcohol class. Like most of my students, Cliff drinks often but is not an alcoholic; nor does he have a drinking problem. I will let you decide for yourself?

Cliff is a retired metal worker who spends his days tinkering around his garage and volunteering for maintenance jobs at his church. Cliff likes a little whiskey in his coffee in the morning, but just one or two little pours per cup. He has a few cups each morning.

This happens every day. Do I need to continue with the other alcohol he consumes, because let me assure you, this is a small sampling of his daily booze intake?

I invite each of you to look inward at your drinking habits. Do you have a problem? Should you take an alcohol class?