People in Dire Need of DUI Prevention

by: Mike Miller

We all know people who drink and drive. The sad fact is there are thousands of impaired drivers on the roads all around us every single day. It is no wonder there are not many more traffic fatalities caused by drinking and driving

Think about your friends and family? How many do you know that drink and drive? Odds are, if you are reading the blog, you know more than one. Perhaps you drink and drive on occasion – perhaps even more than just occasionally. As reported in

Please note, neither you, nor your family or friends, are immune from this coming back to bite you. It will happen. Please stop this behavior it could cost you or someone else the rest of a possible happy lifetime.

Here is a story about a person who will kill someone if they do not stop their DUI behavior. There is no doubt no doubt he needs more than just an educational alcohol and DUI prevention class. Of course, as the educational director for an online alcohol class I try to keep up with driving under the influence (DUI) stories around the world.

A Florida man stopped for DUI had a unique excuse, telling police he was trying to "drive it off."

Michael Moore, 61, told police he had left his home after an argument with his wife, during which she accused him of drinking too much.

He said he had been driving to a bar to get some more drinks and "drive it off," according to an arrest affidavit. Real smart, right? I hope Moore takes a good alcohol class and makes smarter decisions in the future.