Announces Michigan MIP Class

by: Mike Miller

As a recovering addict and a man dedicated to preventing others from becoming addicted to drugs, I am pleased to announce that is officially launching its new Michigan minor in possession (MIP) class.

Drugs ruin lives. As the educational director for drug classes, I see many examples of our nation's youth missing amazing opportunities and changing the course of their lives as a result of problems with drugs and alcohol. Our children are used to being overstimulated so using drugs and alcohol is a boost when they feel bored.

Drug use starts out innocently enough. They are with their friends, so it must be safe. Teenagers are naturally programmed to take risks and peer acceptance is extremely important. Many of the drugs are highly addictive but seem mild making it easy for them to keep using.

it is deeply painful and devastating to watch a young spirit with so much potential throwing it all away because they are in a bind with drugs.

What can we do to keep our children from becoming addicted to drugs? The obvious answer is to help them understand that trying drugs (innocently) IS a lot riskier than it seems. Nobody experiments with a drug thinking they will get addicted.

There are two main avenues we use to help get the message across - drug education classes and parental guidance. Both of these elements are absolutely crucial if we are to succeed. Both issues will be discussed in subsequent blog entries.

I also would appreciate any comments or experiences you have. I have attached a link to the new MIP class at Please contact us with any questions or comments.