Announces Michigan MIP Class

by: Mike Miller

There is no doubt that the future of this country lies with our youth. Therefore, it is my firm belief we need to thoroughly educate adolescents and pre-teens about the dangers associated with the use of alcohol and other drugs.

Like most people, I am sure you believe we are doing everything within our power to keep kids away from alcohol and drugs. You might be asking yourself why we need another minor in possession (MIP) class?

Do you really believe the message about the dangers of alcohol and other recreational drugs is working? This question is not as simple as it sounds. Given that children under the age of 18 are consuming alcohol and other drugs, mainly marijuana, in record numbers is an indicator that the message is not encouraging our kids to make better choices.

It may seem (to us) like the message is clear, but clearly it is not. If you are a resident of Michigan, I encourage you to sign up for a class. If you are a parent, it is smart to take the class together, with your child.

Role modeling, communication, and clearly defined expectations are key factors to helping our teenagers make good decisions. For more information, go to our link or contact us today.