Michigan MIP Class Can Help Kids Off Drugs

by: Mike Miller

We are so happy to announce our minor in possession (MIP) class here at onlinedrugclass.com. There are two primary ways we can help keep our beautiful youth stay away from drugs - strong parental influence and drug education classes.

Let's start with the most important thing - parental guidance. Keeping your children off of drugs begins at home. Role modeling good behavior in our internet culture is not enough. The internet portal is very powerful and other factors such as good communication, clear expectations, and being involved with your teenagers and their friends are very helpful. Parents need to teach their teenagers how to "feel good" without using alcohol. They need to discuss how to say "no" to friends and how to avoid situations where they feel pressure. Teenagers live in a different world and it's important for parents to be tuned into that world. Know who your children hang out with. Get savvy with the internet so you know what they are being influenced by online. Have regular discussions about using drugs including prescription drugs which are very problematic these days. Discuss their need to be stimulated and teach them how to be "quiet" without all the input.

If you take or use drugs, it will be a double standard and in their eyes, a free pass. Teenagers have a watchful eye but tend to take extra risks.

The second form of drug prevention occurs outside the home - in drug awareness and MIP classes. These classes reinforce the message from the home with solid information as to the dangers of drug use and abuse. The goal is to discourage our children from experimenting with drugs in the first place. The classes are a good way to open the communication between you and your teenager. Be proactive while they are still open to your influence or they will take a class simply to appease you.

If you or someone you care about has a problem with drugs, seek help. If you prefer to maintain anonymity take an online MIP class. Just follow the link below or contact us with any questions.