Mike Ditka’s Kids Needs Illinois DUI class

by: Mike Miller

Nobody wants to piss off former Chicago Bears football coach Mike Ditka. I certainly would not want to be in his son’s shoes right now. Coach Ditka, most likely is well-aware of his children’s problems with alcohol.

The younger son of Ditka aggressively challenged his driving under the influence (DUI) charge. This according to triblocal.com. He claims the Breathalyzer test should be tossed out because it may have been tainted by chewing tobacco. Anyone who has combined chewing tobacco with alcohol knows it totally enhances the buzz. I am not so sure it changes blood-alcohol concentration levels.

Mark Ditka, 49, andhis older brother Michael P. Ditka, 50, have been charged with Dui this year. Michael P. Ditka also had key evidence in his case thrown out and was exonerated.

Ditka’s blood alcohol content at 0.16 percent, twice the legal limit. Do you really think dip played a role in that? Mark Ditka refused to submit to an admissible blood-alcohol test back at the Deerfield Police Department. Mark claims he had not had any alcohol in more than a day. What a total load of hooey!

This guy was so guilty. Police noticed he was slurring his words, smelled like booze. his eyes were blood shot and miserably failed all field sobriety tests.

Adding to this picture of guilt is that this is the third DUI arrest for Mark Ditka, who has also been cited for speeding at least five times.

Coach Ditka should kick his adult children into rehab! Five DUI arrests between them is a sure sign they have problems with alcohol abuse. I would like to see these two take Illinois DUI alcohol education classes and get counseling so that they can lead sober and productive lives.