African Teachers Need Alcohol Class

by: Mike Miller

Have you ever noticed that one of your teachers was drunk or had been drinking? Evidently, teacher addicted to the bottle are quite common in Africa. I know I had one teacher who was fired for being drunk at a school function, but I never knew or heard of a teacher drunk in class.

Apparently, it is becoming a major problem in Africa. This according to Students at Gam Secondary School have accused teachers of coming to school for duty while heavily under the influence of alcohol.

These same students even claimed that their principal at times comes drunk to school and then insults students while reeking of alcohol and apparently very heavily under the influence of alcohol.

The situation in classroom is especially pathetic as some teachers allegedly smoke in classrooms during classes and they are also under the influence of alcohol while on duty. They also insult learners in their mother tongue, which most of the learners do not understand.

The students even claim that it is not unusual for the drunken principal to vomit in front of students due to extreme intoxication.

What kind of message does this send to the students?

This blog will not delve into all of the horrors going on in these African schools, but suffice it to say that some teachers even request sexual favors from students with the threat of bad grades if they refuse!

There are even reports of physical violence with teachers striking students! What kind of learning environment is this? Do they not want to elevate their quality of lives?

Where are the parents here? This is an abominable situation. I would like to see mandatory alcohol classes for all teachers and students. Perhaps the parents need one too.