NHL Great Will Be Taking Alcohol Awareness Class

by: Mike Miller

Hockey is a tough sport. It takes extreme physical strength and stamina and an unusually high tolerance for pain and suffering. These guys hit hard! Goalies don’t have it any easier with slap shots coming straight at them at well over 100 miles per hour!

Goalie DUI

No matter how tough you are, alcohol still will make you drunk, and when you are in that state, no matter how big a hit you can take, you still are unable to drive.

Nicolai Khabibulin, the 38-year-old goaltender for the Edmonton Oilers of the national Hockey League will pay the consequences for his DUI behavior. Khabibulin was originally pulled over in February 2010 for speeding. Field sobriety tests and a blood test revealed his blood alcohol content to be .164, more than twice the legal limit.

One of the reasons this has dragged on so long is that Khabibulin had been appealing the original conviction hoping for a lesser sentence. With the seemingly endless hockey season about to begin, Khabibulin decided to get it over with.

Jail Time for NHL All Star

To pay his debt to society Khabibulin will get a 30-day stay in a Phoenix, Arizona jail. Additionally, Khabibulin was fined $1,507.60 and was required to participate in an alcohol program. He paid the fine and is awaiting approval from the judge for his participation in an alcohol program.

His jail stay will cost the State of Arizona far more than his fine. Let’s hope Khabibulin can use his celebrity for good and educate young hockey players on the dangers of drinking and driving.