Lawnmower Man Arrested for DUI

by: Mike Miller

It has been written many times that when you fall off the wagon landing can be very hard. One Florida man who claims to have been sober for more than two years is learning the hard way.

Not only did he fall off the wagon and start drinking again, but he also started driving while under the influence only moments after purchasing the booze. As reported in

We must all keep in mind that the 'driving' aspect of a DUI applies to any vehicle, including a lawn mower. Maybe you didn't need the clarification but it appears James David Gray could have used it.

Gray was on his way home from mowing lawns when he stopped into a convenience store and bought his first beer in two years. Actually his first 18 beers in two years. His choice? Natural Light.

How Could He Have Gotten Caught?

Do you think the fact that he was driving a lawn mower might have attracted police attention? Do you think he was driving on a major road a lawn mower might garner even more attention? How about if the lawnmower was going the wrong way? Holy cow, how drunk was this guy?

The deputy who pulled him over also found a cold beer already opened in the lawn mower's cup holder and Gray had severely slurred speech. His eyes were bloodshot and he smelled of alcohol

So, how drunk was he? Gray blew a .138 and a .147. To cap off this sad tale, Gray doesn't even own the lawn mower he was driving when he was arrested for DUI. He had only just rented it and paid his first monthly payment.

I hope he gets sober again and stays that way. I recommend an DUI class and regular attendance at AA meetings.