Jessica Simpson’s Dad Needs DUI Class

by: Mike Miller

There are many parents of celebrities who flaunt bad behavior. One example would be Michael Lohan, the father of Lindsay Lohan. One gentleman who also happens to be the father of a celebrity you would not expect trouble from – just surfaced in the news for a very bad reason.

From the headline, I am sure you have guessed it is the father of Jessica Simpson, Joe. The 54-year-old Joe was recently arrested for driving under the influence. Simpson’s old manager was arrested on Ventura Boulevard on August 4th on suspicion of DUI after officers smelled alcohol on his person. As reported in

Joe has been a stand-up gentleman throughout his daughter’s career. Through thick and thin Joe always has maintained an educated dignity with respect to the actions of his daughter.

He was arrested with a .12 blood alcohol content (BAC), which is well over the legal limit of .08. He was said to have been driving near a bar where his daughter Jessica is a frequent customer. Jessica of course recently gave birth and has signed a $4 million contract to lose weight with Jenny Craig. She reportedly weight over 215 pounds!

I hope Joe sees the folly of his ways and enrolls in an DUI class. I also hope not to see him on the wrong side of the law again.