Unruly Airline Passengers Need Alcohol Class

by: Mike Miller

Alcohol and altitude do not mix. That is just a simple fact of chemistry. Have you ever been on a flight where there were angry or overly zealous drunks? I have. Not only have I been on a flight with those loud, obnoxious drunks, but I have been that drunk.

There is a lot less leeway with these passengers anymore. Last week, a Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta to Costa Rica was diverted to Tampa, Fla., after a couple from Germany became unruly.

The captain made the call to land, the spokeswoman said. After the "unruly" passengers were removed, the plane went on to Costa Rica. The Germans, Peter and Gabriele Strohmaier of Dusseldorf, Germany were seated in first class and demanding food and champagne and refused to sit down.

Gabriele Strohmaier said that a Delta crew member exaggerated enormously and felt terribly insulted after her husband raised concerns about the food and beverage service. She said her husband had asked for a glass of champagne, but was told it was all gone.

Peter Strohmaier, who identified himself as a lawyer, said he "did nothing except to say I would like to have the meal and so on...all normal things." He said the Delta crew member told him she was not pleased with his attitude.

They say there are two sides to every story. However, there is no way this would have happened had these two not been intoxicated and acting out of order. Perhaps a good 8 hour alcohol class and some community service is in order. Somehow I expect some type of lawsuit from Mr. Strohmaier.